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Development And Testing of Systems

Testing is an activity in which users - called testers - compare the functioning of a product or system with the described features and requirements.

There are a variety of systems that are used within organizations. A personal computer is a system with limited functionality. Office-ware could be seen as a system to produce documents. A Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is an example of a more official and more profound system. And all these systems are built at one moment in time. After they are built (or during the production) they should be tested on errors, before they are to be used (sold).Testing of systems is quite an extended area. There are many ways in which a system could be checked for errors. Black-box testing for example is a way in which a system is examined without "looking under the hood;" you check the output of the system without the knowledge of the system itself.There are at least two phases of testing; during the development of the system or product (a test by developers) and one during the time the system is prepared for production (a test by end-users).

Although essential, testing is an activity that is not always highly valued (especially by developers). Developers and testers have a different view on the same system. For the developer the system is finished when 95% of the functionality is solid, the tester is looking for those small number (5% or less) of the cases in which the system is not working properly. The exceptions.Testing will increase the overall quality of the product, but must be planned.

To increase the harmony between both teams (developer and tester) you should try to plan the test activities as early as possible during the development of the system. Integrate them with the development of the system.

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