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Video Game Tester - What You Need To Do As A Video Game Tester

So you might be wondering what a video game tester actually does and what they need to do in order to succeed. Anyone can succeed in game testing, as long as they work hard at it, and they try their best. If they don't then they're just simply not going to succeed.

What you need to do as a video game tester

  • The main purpose of a video game tester is to report the bugs and glitches that you find in the game that your company sent you, and tell them about it. This is why companies want you to become a game tester for them. They don't need people to rate the game for them, they need people to tell them what's wrong with the game, where it needs to be improved, and what glitches and bugs are apparent. The better you become at finding bugs and glitches, the more that companies are going to pay you.

  • You don't just call up the company. You have to write a well written letter. You need to have communication skills and be able to write a letter containing information on what bugs you found, and what glitches you found. You should also write down how you found them, if you run into them frequently, and how they can fix it if you know how to. Yes it is true, a video game tester has to write. Sad, but it's a small price to pay to be able to play the most hottest games coming to the market.

  • You have to play the games frequently. If not every day, every two days. No more than two days tho, because if you try to play the games over a three day period, other game testers who got the same game as you got are going to beat you to a higher paycheck because they're going to find the bugs and glitches earlier than you did.
The above should really be rules actually. You need to follow them or else your just not going to become successful in your video game testing career!

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