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Social Security Benefits: When Should You Apply

If you are considering applying for your Social Security retirement benefits, knowing when your first check will arrive will help you transition your budget. Knowing when to apply and when your first check will arrive will make your life and your budget less stressful. Here is what you need to know about applying for your Social Security retirement benefits.

If you are going to be retiring and starting your Social Security benefits, the earliest you can start receiving a check is age 62. If you are planning on applying at age 62, the earliest you can apply for benefits is three months prior to your 62nd birthday. You will need to call Social Security’s toll-free number and schedule an appointment at this time. Three months is the typical processing time for Social Security to get its cogs going and start your payments.

When will you receive your first check? Your first month of eligibility for Social Security at age 62 is the month after your birthday. If you turn 62 on August 15th for example, your first month of eligibility is September. Social Security benefits are paid one month behind, so you will receive your first payment for the month of September in October. This is useful information to help you prepare your budget.

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