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Port Test - Is A Method To Monitor Open Ports

Port testing software is used to find open ports in individual computers or on networked ones especially those connected to the internet. Open ports are a security hassle for network administrators as through them attackers can launch attacks against the network. On the other hand, attackers use port testing software to find open ports so that they can launch attacks against the network.

Network administrators promptly disable the services that are not currently used by legitimate users on open ports. They close all such open ports, so as to foil the attempts of attackers, who may want to exploit security vulnerabilities in the network.

Individual computers or networked ones that are connected to the internet are both especially susceptible to attacks made by hackers over the internet. A port test goes a long way to monitor the status of various ports of devices on individual computers and networks. It is used by network administrators to check for open ports on networked computers and other devices on the network.

A port test is also done by potential attackers to find open ports over a network, through which they can launch an attack and break into the network. An efficient method to do a port security check is to use a firewall security check.

In both cases the above-cited port test is known as an open port test or a network port test. Port testing, as done by network administrators, is part of an intrusion detection system that helps identify security vulnerabilities in the network, whereas, port testing, as done by hackers is to find open ports through which they can exploit the security vulnerabilities in a network and then break into it.

Through port mapping performed as part of such a port scan or a port check, network administrators can then plug in the loopholes in the network by closing those open ports, which do not actually utilize any services that computers on the network may have enrolled for. Network administrators may have to disable such services to plug security loopholes in the network.

A listing of various port tests that can be conducted includes the serial port test and the parallel port test. A serial port test is done to monitor, display, log, and analyze all serial port activity in a system and solve problems of debugging computer connections with peripheral devices using real or virtual COM ports.

The USB interface on a computer can help connect many devices through a single USB port. You may need to also test USB port, as part of your endeavor to find whether the USB port on your computer is not a potential medium that can cause a security threat to your network or individual computer.

It is very important to know why port testing software is critical, from the viewpoint of both network administrators and hackers. Understand that open ports that do not utilize any legitimate services are a sure shot license for hackers to invade your network, through which they can then cause untold damage to your network.

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