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How Secure Is Your Network?

There is no disputing the facts, the number of hacking and intrusion incidents is increasing each year as technology moves forward.

Whether the motivation is financial gain, espionage, political, intellectual challenge, or simply trouble making, you may be exposed to a variety of intruder threats.

For these reasons, professional penetration services are becoming a necessity. Organizations are increasingly aware that security vulnerability testing is a major element in identifying exposures, and ensuring that they are not exploited by a hostile party. The objective of penetration testing is of course to investigate the system from the attacker’s perspective. The primary aim is to identify exposures and risk before seeking a solution.

The penetration test can be performed with little or no information about the site, which would mimic an outside attacker. At the end of the initial test, a report is completed showing all knowledge gained during the attack, pointing out any potential vulnerabilities within your network and highlighting what an attacker could potentially do with you network.

Like any IT infrastructure yours will constantly be changing, with new servers being added to the network or additional applications being installed. These changes could open up holes in your security after initial testing and patching has been carried out. So it is recommended to retest your network regularly looking for any new vulnerabilities.

Security is obviously a very sensitive area for any business, always check that consultants are credible and have a good reputation with previous clients who are prepard to provide testimonials. Where possible look for consultants with a Certified Ethical hacking qualification.

David Vallance works with Mirus IT Solutions. Qualified as a Microsoft Licensing Expert, HP Certified Professional and Cisco Sales Expert, he provides expert IT consultancy to UK businesses.

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